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KRCS Hull opened its doors in 2005. Our new larger store is now open at the Princes Quay Shopping Centre giving you a better Apple experience. Pop down and see our new store, where you'll get the best 1-2-1 service and advice based on your individual needs. Our local members of staff have a wide knowledge base from setting up your iPod to helping you get the best of your Mac. We look forward to seeing you soon.
Meet the Hull Staff
Craig has been a Mac, iPod, iPad and Apple TV user for a number of years. He first made the switch to Apple in 2006 and hasn’t looked back. If he’s not downloading the latest app then you'll find him watching football or at the cinema seeing the latest release.
Simon is our music expert with qualifications in Music Tech as well as an Apple Pro Certificate in Logic Studio and is ready to help everyone from beginners to Mac enthusiasts. When not at work you'll find him playing and coaching Ice Hockey or supporting the Hull Stingrays!
Benjamin is well versed in Logic and GarageBand and loves iOS products! He is great with Mac beginners and is a keen guitarist playing in popular Hull band The Lost Players.
James aka “Jimmy” started using Macs with an eMac and has continued to use and upgrade them to this day. He uses an iPad and an iPod on a daily basis and with a never-ending list of Apple goodies he wants to buy Jimmy is excited to show you what they can do.
Josh is the student of the team, working part time while doing his degree. He uses his iPad, iPhone and Macbook, to edit photos and movies as well as for his academic studies. A great person to talk to if you are thinking of purchasing an Apple product to help you through your studies!
If you would like to leave feedback about your experience at this store please email us at
Date: 11th September 2013 20:59 GMT

Hi there,

I bought an iPad from yourselves back in July but have only just got round to emailing, sorry for the delay. i would just like to provide feedback on my experience. Firstly as a middle aged woman buying an iPad for my son I knew very little about what i needed and felt abit overwhelmed by your swanky store in Hull.

However, as soon as i entered the store I needn't have worried. Benjamin was in store and was incredibly helpful. Benjamin explained a few different iPad options and i eventually chose the right one for my son.

I mentioned i didn't have a clue about setting it all up so Benjamin spent ages setting up a new gmail account and apple id so i could get it up and running straight away. Ben listened, was patient and incredibly helpful even giving my great advice on looking after the iPad.

I am very 'cost conscious' and was aware that Tesco had a deal on whereby i could have bought it from them slightly cheaper but I'm so glad i purchased from you, the whole set up process was fab with KRCS and i know if i'd tried to buy from Tesco and set it up myself, it would have taken hours of frustration and bad language !

So anyway I just wanted to say 'thanks'

I should also mention that a few weeks prior to purchase we visited store and spoke to Josh to get some ideas of what the costs would be. Josh was also helpful he had a lovely approach and wasn't overly pushy. I really object to pushy sales staff, i think your staff have the balance just right !

i would not hesitate to recommend you and will certainly visit to buy future apple products.

Thanks and Regards


Date: 5th August 2013 21:13 GMT

Just a short "thank you" for the service I received in Hull today. I had a hard disk failure and the staff in store were 1st class (particularly Ben). Diagnosed, repaired - sorted, all in a couple of hours! Well done

Date: 15th June 2013 20:10 GMT

Just wanted to feedback about some excellent service I had from Josh at your Hull store.
I called onto the store because I wanted to buy an apple computer for my business, I was unsure which laptop to buy, josh helped me by explaining the differences and was very knowledgable re the specs and the way it worked alongside other apple devices. I felt a valued customer which is difficult to find now with retails being so large and impersonal. I will definitely return and buy from KRCS again because of this experience and aftercare.
Sent from my iPhone

Date: 14th June 2013 09:32 GMT

Good Morning

I would just like to drop a quick email to say how helpful Simon at the CARR LANE, HULL store was this morning. I discovered my iPad had been stolen overnight and could not sort out what to do on my desktop. He was amazing and locked the ipad and left a message on it saying it was stolen. He circulated my serial number so others could watch out for it. He set up so an email would be sent to me if it was opened with its location.

As I am off sick and was having the most difficulty with my desktop I really appreciate the help given to me which was outstanding in my opinion. All credit to him. He even advised me on getting another one and an iPhone which I was about to buy,

best wishes
Sally Ann

Date: 30th May 2013 02:13 GMT

Hello, I am a customer at the Hull KRCS apple store and I wanted to say how helpful the staff there have been. I came in because my computer broke but had to come back several times more because of various other complications, and each time the staff was very friendly and helpful beyond my expectations. Benjamin in particular was very accommodating, he was working every time I came in and put up with me when I kept coming back with new problems. He has actually put several hours of work into helping me so give him a gold star, or a pat on the back, or a maybe a day off because I was in about 10 times and he was there every single time. I ran into a lot of difficulties when my computer broke and I was very stressed when I came in, but all of the staff at the store were patient and friendly. I really can't express enough how happy I am with their service.
Thank you,

Date: 22nd March 2013 15:12 GMT

Spoke to Ben a short while ago. Ben's help and reassurances were very professional and listened to me with understanding and patience.
Thank you Ben,

Sent from my iPad

Date: 3rd February 2013 10:22 GMT


I've visited the Hull shop twice over the last year or so with little annoyances I couldn't overcome on my iPad 2 then later MacBook Air, both bought from Apple direct on line. On both occasions the staff helped and explained everything very patiently and professionally.

As a recent convert to Apple this experience left me feeling confident I had made the right choice, following more than 20 years with the other brands. It confirmed that the whole Apple family really cares.


Date: 7th January 2013 16:54 GMT

I wish to comment on the excellent service I received from the Hull store today.

On taking my iMac into the store I was dealt with by new staff member Benjamin Williams, who investigated the problems I was having, under the discreet supervision of store manager Simon Herring.

I am pleased to say that Benjamin successfully analysed the problem (caused by antivirus software/cookies issues), and was able to rectify it. My computer is now once again working efficiently, an added bonus being that there was no charge.

My grateful thanks and appreciation for a competent and friendly service from Benjamin and Simon.


Date: 27th April 2012 12:25 GMT

Hi! I want to make known how satisfied I am with the services of your Apple shop in Carr Lane Hull.

The manager, Simon Herring, dealt patiently and tenaciously with my laptop problem. He had seen nothing of that nature before!

I am impressed with the approachability of the staff and the appearance of the store generally.

Even though over a half hour was devoted to my problem before it was solved, there was no charge.

When I need help or purchases, I will go first to Carr Lane, Hull.


Date: 10th April 2012 14:16 GMT

Dear krcs,

I am writing in grateful appreciation for the service levels exhibited by your store in Hull. Knowing that you are an official Apple reseller, I directed a friend of mine to your Hull store for assistance in recovering an iTunes account that had become unresponsive. Despite the fact that this was nothing to do with krcs, your staff took a lot of time and trouble to help him sort the issue out. This exhibited exceptional service, unusual in this day and age. Once again, thank you, you are a credit to the Apple brand.

Please feel free to forward this email to Apple, if you wish.

Kind regards

Sent from my iPad

Date: 21st January 2012 17:17 GMT

I recently visited the Hull store for some help with iPad, and thought I must write and say what excellent service I received from Simon, the manager. He was able to upgrade the iPad for me (which I'd been unable to do on my home computer for some reason) and reassured me that all would be well with my apps etc. And it was !

I'm sure in his place I'd get a bit fed up with "oldies" having problems with sophisticated equipment and going along to get it all sorted - but not him.

So thank you.


Date: 20th March 2011 13:27 GMT
Subject: Hull Staff

Staff @ KRCS
I recently purchased an i mac 21.5 inch with 8 gig ram, and a bluetooth printer from your store. I have to say i am extremely pleased with the help and decision made in my purchase. The machine works perfect for what i need. i have encountered no problems at all and am already looking to my next apple purchase from your store. I Have requested to have an ipad 2 reserved for the 25th. 16 Gig standard model, and cover, also i hope to be moving onto an i phone 4 without contract, and a speaker system to complete my setup.
Please could you send me information in regards to friday's launch, ( how i can get my hands on an iPad 2 ASAP!) and thank you again for your assistance.


Date: 28th January 2011 13:15 GMT
Subject: RE:Thank you

Just like to say thanks for the help from I think it was Steve, on Saturday afternoon. I was having problems with iTunes not down loading and so could not get our iPod touch to connect. The version that he was able to load on to disk for me has worked and completely solved the problem. The iPod now syncs with the PC. So thanks again for the help much appreciated.


Date: 25th February 2010 10:15 GMT
Subject: Customer feedback

Dear Mr Woods

In December I purchased an iMac from your Hull branch. The service I received from the member of staff, was beyond reproach: nothing was too much trouble for him and, I sense, certainly not because he was desperate for the sale.

I am in my seventies and my experience of computers goes back to PCWs in the mid-eighties through to PCs from a few years after that. After such a grounding I have found the transition to Macs probably more difficult that if I had come across them for the first time, since I'm constantly having to un-learn my previous experience.

Consequently I have, on three occasions, taken up your colleagues offer to be at the end of the telephone whenever I hit, to me, unsurmountable problems. On each occasion, customers in the shop permitting, he has patiently talked me through these obstacles as I increase my familiarity with the Mac, for which I have been extremely grateful. Never have I sensed any reserve on his part when he offers me patient and pertinent help.

No doubt this attitude is one set down by yourself for all your assistants in all your shops but, nevertheless this is your only employee with whom I have had dealings. (My daughter, living in Hull, bought a Mac from him last spring and it was her recommendation, for the same reasons, that made me follow the same path.) Possibly because of my age I seem to deplore constantly the quality, or even lack, of service today in most quarters. It is so rare that it has prompted me, metaphorically, to put pen to paper.

Mr Smith

Date: 2nd January 2010 20:35 GMT Subject: Customer feedback
Good Morning,

I would just like to say how very helpful the staff at the KRCS Store in Hull are. I recently purchased a new Macbook Pro, as replacement for a G4 iMac, and found Dan and his colleagues to be very professional and knowledgeable in the advice they gave and all had a friendly welcoming manner.

It was a pleasure to be a customer.

Kind regards,

Date: 6th December 2009 15:08 GMT
Subject: Purchase of iMac from Hull Store

Dear Mr Woods

I hope you don't mind me troubling you but I wanted to take this opportunity to provide some feedback from my recent purchase of the 21.5 inch imac from your Hull store.

I have been considering such a purchase for a number of months, and first met the staff at the store last year. Two weeks ago, having had a great deal of time invested by your staff to help me understand the imac and it's capabilities, I purchased the said computer.

The assistance of the staff has not stopped there. Your store manager, Daniel Hands, has assisted me in setting up email and explaining the basic functions of the computer.

His professional and thoroughly courteous approach is a credit to the high standard of customer service one can expect at your stores. In future I shall have no hesitation in recommending your store to anyone that will listen!

As I say, I hope you don't mind me providing this feedback, as all too often customers are ready to complain, but not as forthcoming with positive feedback where service has been excellent, as is the case with my experience with KRCS.

I do hope you can pass on satisfaction to Daniel and his team.

Yours truly

Headland - Digital Marketing Agency