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No Isolation AV1 Robot Avatar (3 Month Rental)

Availability: Out of Stock. We expect this product to be back in stock within 1 week, please place your order to secure stock as soon as it becomes available
  • 3-month rental of AV1 robot - the most common way to start using AV1
  • Demonstration available in your school - please contact us on to arrange your demo
  • AV1 is a classroom-based Avatar - in the form of a friendly robot - to allow children who cannot attend school to take part in classroom activites
  • Children with long-term illness - anxiety-based school refusal or any other condition that prevents school attendance can enjoy school every day - or whenever they are able
  • Built in video camera - microphone and speaker to allow the child to see - here and participate in the lesson
  • Simple iPad app allows the child to communicate with their teachers and classmates without learning complicated commands
  • Child safety built-in from the ground up - the child cannot be seen by anyone in the classroom and multi-level security protocols ensure privacy at all times


What is AV1?

Simply put - the AV1 is a personal avatar (or robot if you prefer!) that allows children suffering from long-term illness to improve their daily life. Their AV1 enables them to take part in the education and vital social aspects of school from home or the hospital bed.

How Does it Work?

The AV1 sits in the classroom and allows the home-based child to partake in lessons. From asking and answering questions - to working on group projects with classmates.
Using a one-way video stream and two-way audio stream - the AV1 allows the child to be able to see - hear and communicate with classmates and teachers

Interpret and Interact

There are no complicated commands to learn. The child and the teacher will interact with the AV1 in the same way as they would with any child; by talking to it.
With hundreds of schools successfully using the AV1 - it has already proven to be highly intuitive and approachable for even the youngest of children.


The No Isolation team has worked tirelessly to ensure that the AV1 meets even the most stringent child safety standards around the world - and they have achieved this through using multi-level security protocols.
The AV1 is password-protected - uses encrypted video streams - is accessible in real-time only - and locked to a single iPad or tablet device.
Due to their expertise in these areas - No Isolation have been able to forge close ties with hundreds of educational establishments the world over.

A note for Parents

You understand the innate desire to protect your children and to give them the best childhood that you can. For some parents - the odds are stacked against them - and all that they can do is fight against the challenges that come their way.
For the parent of a child suffering from long-term illness - their protective instinct swells - yet - their longing to provide a great childhood never ceases.
At No Isolation - the goal is to enable these parents to give their children the joys that many children get to experience on a daily basis. From working on mathematics problems to chatting with friends.
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