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Project Restaurant - Takeaway and Delivery

In addition to table and bar orders, Lightspeed also manages Takeaway and Delivery orders. The process is very similar, with the extra steps outlined here.

There are two methods of processing Takeaways or Delivery, Basic and Advanced. When ordering items via a Takeaway or Delivery table, the app will automatically use the Takeaway and Delivery prices set for each product.


For the Basic method, you create a table on one of your floors that is set as ‘Takeaway Simple’, or ‘Delivery’. When an order comes in, you select that table and put through the order as any other order, on any other table. As you can only have one order per table, the current order will need to be Finalised before a new order is placed.

Edit Table Options


For the Advanced method, you set a table as ‘Takeaway’ or ‘Delivery’ and this allows you to take multiple orders on one table. Customer pick up times, can also be set, as well as assigning an order to a customer's name and account.

Orders can be taken by either selecting the table set as Takeaway/Delivery, or by using the Takeaway and Delivery Screen.

Takeaway and Delivery Screen

On the main floor plan, select ‘Extra’, then ‘Takeaway & Delivery’. You can then ‘Add Takeaway’ or ‘Add Delivery’.
You can add the order to a ‘Returning Customer’ or create a ‘New Customer’.
Set a ‘Pickup Time’ and then select ‘Order’
You can then add the products, as you would with any other order. The status of the order will be displayed as follows:

  • New - If you exit the order without printing to the kitchen, bar, or the receipt.
  • Accepted - Kitchen, bar, or receipt have been printed; Or the receipt has been printed, and payment taken but not finalised.
  • Done - Payment has been taken and the order finalised.

Within the Takeaway and Delivery Screen you can see a summary of all the orders placed, grouped by their status. From here you can edit orders, even if they are Accepted or Done.

For more detail, please watch the tutorial below:

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