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Project Restaurant - Adding Products: Advanced

Now that you have got to grips with the basics of adding products, we can look at the more advanced options, these include adding options (or modifiers) to products, and apply discounts and service charges.


Modifiers are options that can be added to Products or Categories that your Guests can choose. For example, side dishes, cooking times, or sauces.
They are created as groups which can be applied to multiple Products or Categories.

To create modifiers, select the Modifiers option in the Products screen; then, ‘Add group’.

Specify the settings for ‘Name’, ‘Display Name’ (for the Kitchen/Bar), as well as the other options:

  • Display Inline - Enable this if you want the full list to be shown on the first screen of the modifier pop-up.
  • Multi Select - This sets the number of options that can be selected. If this is enabled, you must set the minimum and maximum number of selections. You can also set ‘No Max value’ if you do not want to set a limit.
  • Auto Popup - if enabled, this modifier options will automatically popup when the product is added to the order.
  • Modifiers - Select ‘+ New Modifier’ and set the options below:
    • Name
    • Description
    • Price
    • Default option - if you would like a particular option set as default, enable this.
  • Link Category & Link Product - You can directly link modifiers to existing products & categories here, as well as in the products themselves.
Modifier Options


Discounts need to be setup as products before they can be applied. You can create discounts as percentages, or as set amounts. Depending on the discount type, you can apply them to whole orders or individual products. In the discount settings, you can also restrict particular products and categories.

Products are created, just like products, in a category. We would recommend you create a category specifically for all your discounts.

The settings for discounts, to pay particular attention to, are:

  • Name
  • ID - This can automatically generated.
  • Kitchen Name - If you need it to have a different name when printed on the bar or kitchen ticket.
  • Discount Type - There are 3 types of discount, with each one able to be a % or a value:
    • Reduction specific product - discounts a specific product on the order.
    • Reduction ticket - discounts the entire order. If this is restricted to a particular product or category, it only affects those items in the order.
    • Reduction Current - discounts the entire order, in it’s current state. Items added to the order after this discount is applied are not discounted.
  • Discountable to - restrict the discount to specific categories or products, if needed.

Discounts can then be added to the order as any other item would be.

Discount Options

Service Charges

Service charges also need to be created as a product, so they can be added to an order.
Like any other product, they need to be created in a Category. We would recommend creating a category specifically for Service Charges.

The important settings are under the ‘Service Charge Type’ selection:

  • Fixed Price - Adds a fixed amount to the order.
  • Percentage - Adds a percentage to the order.

These options are also broken down into Bar, Restaurant, Delivery, and Takeaway options, so you can set different Service Charges for different types of purchase.

Service Charge Options

Our POS expert goes through all these options in the video below:

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