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Managed Repair Services

KRCS provides businesses and schools with managed repair services for iPad & iPhone.

Our customers for this service are wide ranging from multi-site corporate businesses through to small regional schools, but in all cases the service that we provide is simple, cost effective and provides repair services without the hassle.

The most popular services we offer are iPhone repairs where we provide genuine screen replacements, other component repairs and whole unit replacements. We also offer whole unit replacement repair services for iPad and iPod touch. In all cases our repairs are genuine certified Apple repairs, facilitated by our own workshops which carry the ‘Apple Authorised Service Provider’ accreditation.

What is it?

Our managed repair service is a top to bottom service. All you have to do is register a device for repair via our helpdesk and put it in a box. There’s no waiting around for empty packaging to be delivered either because we give your site a stock of relevant packing kits so we can come and collect ASAP.

Our technicians then inspect the device, get it repaired and send it back. No hassle, no fuss.

How long does it take?

This is a typical repair flow:

Day 1YouNotification sent to KRCS of a new repair.  Device packaged, ready for collection
Day 2KRCSFaulty device collected
Day 3KRCSDevice received in workshop
Day 4KRCSDiagnosis, parts ordered
Day 5KRCSParts received.  Repaired unit sent back to customer
Day 6YouReceive repaired device

What’s in the small print?

We don’t like loads of small print, but here are some important notes about this service:
Eligibility of any repair cannot be guaranteed until the device is at the KRCS workshop and technicians have completed a visual inspection. Certain types of accidental damage and miss-use mean that we cannot offer a repair, the device simply has to be replaced with new. Devices with unauthorised modifications may also be ineligible for repair.

There is a small premium to be paid on top of our standard repair prices for this managed service, the exact amount dependant on volumes, but this covers all logistical and packing costs on a per repair basis with no up front costs to you when we setup the service.

To ensure that this is an efficient nationally available service we use couriers to collect and return devices, therefore somebody needs to be available to handover and receive parcels at the start and end of a repair service.

How to sign up

If you’re interested in finding out more about this service for your organisation please contact our customer relations team on 0115 985 1797, email or submit your details here:

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