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Lightspeed Partner Summit 2018

On Friday 21st September, Lightspeed HQ held their annual EMEA Partner Summit at The Hague, in the Netherlands. We were delighted to be there, and even more delighted to collect the Lightspeed Rising Star Award 2018.

Lightspeed Partner Summit Flags 

Lightspeed Point of Sale

Lightspeed is the leading provider of cloud-based EPOS software. With native iPad apps for retail, online, in-store and restaurants, the systems are easy to use and effective. Lightspeed customers typically see a 20% growth in sales in their first year of using the system.

The Summit gave all 60 Partners in attendance the opportunity to meet the Lightspeed Channel and Support teams, put names to faces, and build bonds that make effective partners, not just resellers of a product. To this end, there were seminars by key members of Lightspeed, to help share successes, and news of upcoming campaigns and integrations. These included:

  • More than a POS - Lightspeed care for their existing customers, making sure they are using the system efficiently and effectively. Deliverect - Deliveroo is leading the market in delivery services for major cities, but having a separate tablet taking orders is a pain. With an EXCLUSIVE integration, all orders come through to Lightspeed restaurant reducing manual input errors and additional delays in orders not being ready.
  • Carbon Free Dining - Provide restaurants with their Lightspeed subscription for free if they offer customers an option to pay 99p on top of their meal so a tree can be planted in Tanzania providing source of income for the local communities. CFD also provide social media and other marketing support.
  • Planday - Staff scheduling and rota app. Planday integrates with Lightspeed to see income across days and hours to see when more staff are needed.
  • FlipDish - Delivery booking service that integrates with Lightspeed. Allows restaurants to run and manage their own delivery service.
  • Anoncer - Designed for high-end restaurants, Anoncer integrates food orders and sample menus to push each item to the kitchen. It also allows full control of when wait staff visit each table to offer wine, and clear finished courses.


KRCS and Lightspeed

RISE T-shirt and Award

We have been partnered with Lightspeed for just under 18 months. In that time, we have solidified our place by becoming a Gold Partner. This, coupled with over 20 installations, led to KRCS being awarded 'Rising Star’ at this year’s summit.

Our EPOS expert, Steven, accepted the award:

There were many awards given out on the night, around Customer Service, Innovation, and more. Cheering on other partners as they won, felt as if we were one big team providing an amazing solution to businesses all over the world.
As they began to talk about the Rising Star Award, something only awarded to a partner who had proven to be a valuable asset to Lightspeed’s restauranteurs and retail customers. As they introduced the winner, I remember thinking, “it will be someone from Malta or Dubai…” and then they called our name, KRCS. My mind went blank, I couldn’t believe it. We had won the 2018 Rising Star Award! I felt incredibly proud of what we had achieved. I am looking forward to working with even more businesses throughout the next year.

Award collection

We are proud to accept the award and would like to thank Paddy Mellors (Senior Channel Executive) and Joost Brugmans (Director of Partnerships) for their support. We look forward to working with them as we continue our journey with Lightspeed over the next year.


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