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Integrated Payments with Vend

What are Integrated Payments?

An integrated payment system allows your POS to send your card reader the correct value, and then receives confirmation from the card reader directly. The customer sees the amount they need to pay appear on the card reader in front of them, they can make their payment, and see it has been accepted, without needing to pass the reader, or their card, back and forth.

This removes any human error in terms of putting the wrong amount in, and charging the customer to little, or too much, which may not be picked up until the end of the day. It also looks a lot more professional, which adds to the customer’s experience in your store. The card reader can be positioned where it is easy for the customer to see and use themselves.
It also means that you do not need to print off long Z-reads at the end of the day from each card terminal and add them up, as Vend automatically inputs the correct value in your end of day report.

As experts in POS, KRCS have sifted through the different options for payment integrations for Vend, and have narrowed down the options for you to just 2: PaymentSense & PayPal Here.

Both of these options include contactless payment options, which allows you to accept the latest payment methods, including Apple Pay and Android Pay.

All payment integrations have to abide by strict PCI Compliance rules as set out by UK and Europe so you know that there is always a safe and secure connection when taking payments.


PaymentSense is a monthly contract, dependant on the amount of sales put through your terminals. The per-transaction rates are very good, because you have committed to a contract. You can choose a wireless terminal or wired depending on the need to walk around the store with the machine or connection issues (the router is not near the till)

Payment Sense Terminals

Once you are setup with PaymentSense, you link it with your Vend account by setting up a new payment method. and then you can link each terminal to the appropriate scanners via your WiFi ethernet connection.

PayPal Here

PayPal Here is a ‘Pay-as-you-go’ model. Which means you pay a small percentage of each sale put through on card. There is no minimum monthly charge, but you do need to purchase your own readers (which are typically £70 - £80).

PayPal Terminal

The readers each connect to one iPad via bluetooth. As with PaymentSense, you will need to setup a new payment method to link to your PayPal Here account through Vend.

With the Paypal Here link with the iPad, this means that the reader will use the iPads connection to the internet to perform the card payment (this can be by wifi, or mobile data via a cellular model iPad, or using a wireless hotspot from your phone if needs be.)

Once payment has been taken, PayPal will offer to send an email or text receipt to the customer. This is a great feature that allows the customer to more easily keep track of receipts without the worry of losing them.

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