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Carbon Free Dining

What is Carbon Free Dining?

An outstanding initiative which successfully merges the luxury of eating out with the joy of knowing we are simultaneously giving something back to nourish our planet.
Satinder Bindra, Director of Communications, United Nations Environment Programme

Carbon Free Dining is an environmental certification program managed by Green Earth Appeal, partnering with Lightspeed Restaurant, and part of the United Nations ‘Trillion Tree Campaign’. It is an easy way for restaurants to help some of the poorest communities in the world by planting trees. These trees help offset the carbon footprint of the meals served at your restaurant and allow the communities to earn a living from the fruits harvested.

Already, Carbon Free Dining has counterbalanced the impact of 500,0000 meals and is rapidly growing. It empowers diners to help plant fruit trees in communities in the developing world to help offset the environmental impact of their meal, as well as help end poverty.


How does it work?

Participating in Carbon Free Dining doesn’t require any extra work from you. All you do is empower your customers to plant a tree by adding an optional 99p onto each bill. The whole of that 99p goes to Green Earth Appeal who guarantee to plant a tree in one of the developing world communities they work with. The trees they plant are high yielding fruit trees which provide the communities with a crop they can harvest to eat or sell. The trees also make the ground around them fertile for farming other crops. The aim of Green Earth Appeal is to allow the communities to be self-sufficient, and no longer reliant on aid from other countries.

Harvest in Tanzania


How does it benefit my restaurant?

Customers are increasingly wanting the brands they buy and use to be more environmentally and socially responsible. Carbon Free Dining can help create more loyal customers, who will return knowing that you are helping the environment and some of the world’s poorest people. Giving the customer a chance to contribute gives them the sense that they are helping too. This creates positive word of mouth, meaning the customer is more likely to recommend you to their friends, increasing your footfall.

Also with the certification, Carbon Free Dining help your restaurant by promoting your participation over social media, promotional videos, and local press, to increase awareness of your restaurant and it’s commitment to helping others, and in turn drive your business.

Another great benefit for Carbon Free Dining restaurants is that if they qualify, the can become eligible for a free POS solution, which is where Lightspeed Restaurant comes in. Lightspeed Restaurant provide industry-leading POS solutions specifically for restaurants.


Who is involved?

There are a rapidly growing number of restaurants already involved with Carbon Free Dining, including Marco Pierre White Steakhouse Bar & Grill in Nottingham. This restaurant has already helped plant over 39695 trees.

Zouk Tea Bar & Grill were looking into a way of helping others and Carbon Free Dining was the perfect fit for their vision. As they are also using Lightspeed Restaurant POS, it only took half an hour to set up Carbon Free Dining on their system.

For more information about how Carbon Free Dining can help your restaurant, please watch the latest video from Green Earth Appeal below:

You can also visit their website at

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