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Are You Ready for Apple Pay?

Described as “your wallet, without the wallet”, Apple Pay is a new system that allows for you to make contactless payments using your iPhone, Apple Watch, or iPad.


With Apple Pay, you’ll be able to make purchases in shops using your iPhone and your Apple Watch. On the iPhone, the intention is to make things as streamlined as possible. Using Touch ID and Near Field Communication, you can make one-touch payments without having to open an app, or even wake your display. All you have to do is hold your iPhone near the contactless reader while pressing the Touch ID. A subtle vibration will let you know that your payment information has been sent, so you don’t even have to look at the screen.


Similarly, with the Apple Watch, making payments is just a matter of double-clicking the side button before holding the display up to the contactless reader. A soft tap and a beep confirm that the payment has been successful.


When used with iPhones and iPads, Apple Pay also makes it possible to pay with a single touch within apps. Rather than leaving the app to enter your bank or PayPal details, you can instead select Apple Pay, before paying with Touch ID.


As well as being simple and streamlined, Apple Pay is also totally secure. When making payments, rather than using your actual credit and debit card numbers, you’re instead assigned a unique Device Account Number, which is encrypted and stored securely in your devices dedicated Secure Element chip. This number is not stored on Apple’s servers, and to further boost your security, transaction-specific dynamic security codes are used to process payments.


In this way, your actual credit and debit card numbers are never shared with merchants, and they’re never transmitted with payments. And should you ever lose your device, all you have to do is put your device in Lost Mode, which will immediately suspend Apple Pay.


ApplePay has been live in the UK since July 2015, after originally launching in the US in October 2014.


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