Lock n Charge FUYL Charge Station

Lock n Charge FUYL Charge Station

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  • Charge anything. Mac - iPad - iPhone and more
  • Easy to use
  • 15 individually lockable compartments
  • Remote access
  • Easy to use digital locking system


Lock n Charge have taken device charging and security to a whole new level with the FUYL Tower.

Each of the 15 charging station compartments on the FUYL Tower has a 2.4 amp USB port and power outlet. This means you can charge almost any device - whether it be an iPad - Mac or iPhone - you know the FUYL Tower can handle it.

The FUYL Tower allows administrators to actively monitor locker usage anytime - anywhere with innovative software. Administrators can also remotely open any door - deny access to a reserved locker - view the status of FUYL Towers on the network and much more.

Security is of the utmost importance when high-value assets are contained in the tower. The FUYL Tower has a digital keypad that controls the security of every compartment. Additionally - the management software records every time a compartment is opened or closed - enabling administrators to investigate unusual usage and more.

Lock n Charge have future-proofed the FUYL Tower with consistent software and firmware updates that can be downloaded and installed via the FUYL Tower Management Portal. The FUYL Tower is completely Wi-Fi ready and can be easily connected to a Wi-Fi network.
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