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Lock n Charge CarryOn 5 Bay Charging Station - Black

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The Lock n Charge CarryOn is ultra-mobile - compact and easy. The CarryOn allows you to carry five devices - including all the necessary charging hardware and cables in one compact and elegant unit.

The CarryOn has an aluminium outer shell - making it incredibly lightweight - but most importantly - durable - protecting the devices inside. There is a transparent acrylic door on the front that allows users to quickly check that all the devices are still there. It’s finished off with an aluminium handle making it easy and comfortable to carry.

At the core of the CarryOn is an intelligent USB charger that is both powerful and efficient. Each of the 5 ports has 2.4 amps of power and boasts Level VI Efficiency. The CarryOn plugs into a main power outlet via the cable at the back and simply wraps around the cable cleat when you’re carrying it around.