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Cloud-based point-of-sale

Lightspeed is the UK's fastest growing provider of cloud-based point-of-sale solutions. Helping independent businesses grow their day-to-day sales, improve customer management and handle their inventory needs.

Using the latest technology with iPad, Lightspeed have a number of offerings to a variety of businesses, from Fashion, to Bicycles, from Quick Serve Food to Fine Dining Experiences, and even online based companies.

Currently providing an amazing service to 45,000 customers in 101 countries around the world, Lightspeed is not a solution to overlook.

LightspeedHQ Restaurant

Lightspeed Restaurant

Cooking up a storm with iPad

LightspeedHQ Retail

Lightspeed Retail

Serious retail, made simple

Lightspeed Restaurant

Spotlight: Sit-Down Restaurant

Seat Number Allocation

With an experience your customer will never forget, why ruin it by asking “Who ordered the Lobster Tail?” When taking their order, you can allocate which item, whether drink or food, is for which seat, so the professional look continues and mistakes are not made.

Split the Bill

One of your tables has a group of 4 who would like to split their bill. You could use the seat number allocation as mentioned above, or select an equal split, or move items to different bills, maybe because one guest had a couple of Whiskies.

Lightspeed Retail

Spotlight: Bike Store

Inbuilt Product Catalogues

You’ll save time by not having to manually enter data. Lightspeed supports importing catalogue files for vendors. Don't worry though, as KRCS can import other vendor catalogues if required.

Service Work Orders

You have sold your products but what if you need a bike serviced or repaired? Lightspeed have an integrated system to allow your staff to create and track service jobs. Warranty dates, serial numbers, parts ordered and labour hours are all added easily on the fly.