LaCie 8big 48TB 8-bay 7200rpm Thunderbolt RAID


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  • Fastest 1U Storage for 4K Workflows.
  • Up to 1330MB/s* speeds for 4K video editing
  • 8 bays in a 1U rack for superb storage density
  • Dual Thunderbolt 2 ports for storage expansion
  • Hardware RAID and full component redundancy


According to LaCie - Fibre Channel DAS has been dethroned. The 8big - 8-bay featuring Thunderbolt 2 speeds of up to 1330MB/s and 48TB in a 1U rackmount size - the LaCie 8big Rack has seized it’s crown. Video pros - meet the king of storage for 4K workflows.

With Thunderbolt 2 technology - the interface is no longer the performance bottleneck. For the 8big Rack - LaCie harnessed the breakthrough performance potential of the Thunderbolt 2 I/O - squeezing the absolute best speeds out of the hard disks. Add a hardware RAID controller and 7200RPM disks - and the result is incredible - sustained speeds of up to 1330MB/s that turbocharge 4K workflows - file transfers - or backups.

With this kind of speed - videographers can work directly from RAW files in Apple® Final Cut Pro® or Adobe® Premiere® - get maximum quality from footage - and see edits in real time. No need to first convert footage into a lower resolution. Avid® Pro Tools® users will notice incredibly smooth audio mixing - even when working with hundreds of tracks simultaneously. Professional photography agencies and other Adobe Lightroom® or Apple Aperture® users can browse through archived libraries of thousands of RAW and edited images - with zero lag.

With full component redundancy - the LaCie 8big Rack gives professionals superb reliability and data security. Fans - disks - and PSU are fully redundant - hot swappable - and user-serviceable. And hardware RAID 5/6 provides security against disk failure and data loss - without compromising on transfer speeds. Whatever the contingency - zero data loss - and zero downtime.

Seagate Enterprise Class hard disks provide superb accessibility - reliability - and robust performance. Designed to operate 24x7 on 16-bay racks - these HDDs feature 1.2 million house MTBF (mean time between failure) for extraordinary availability. The LaCie 8big with Enterprise Class drives comes with a five-year warranty that covers drives - enclosure - and spare parts - ensuring a solid long-term investment. Enterprise Class drives feature 128MB cache - 7200RPM - and rack environment optimization - offering the ideal solution for handling aggressive workloads. For maximum reliability of your critical data - depend on the LaCie 8big with Enterprise Class drives.

The 8big Rack’s innovative cooling system prolongs component lifespan - featuring three efficient - thermoregulated cooling fans to drive airflow. A metal sheet beneath the disks dissipates heat - and cool air flows under the sheet to drain hot air away. Above and between the two rows of disks - air flows from front to back - conducting heat away from sensitive components.

Thunderbolt technology redefined external storage with its speed and versatility for bandwidth-intensive applications. Thunderbolt 2 builds on those advances by doubling the speed potential to 20Gb/s and enabling simultaneous RAW 4K video editing and display. And thanks to support for DisplayPort 1.2 - it’s now possible to daisy chain higher-resolution displays such as 4K monitors.

In addition to higher performances - the Thunderbolt 2 I/O offers dramatically simpler connections than Fibre Channel. Connect the LaCie 8big Rack to a computer via the Thunderbolt cable – no HBA (host bus adapter) necessary – and instantly the volume mounts on your OS. And unlike Fibre Channel - Thunderbolt 2 is truly a plug and play and single-vendor solution. No port mapping or multipathing is required to achieve this performance. Thunderbolt technology even supports optical cables - which means you could connect a LaCie 8big Rack to a computer located up to 60 meters (197 feet) away.

Thanks to dual Thunderbolt 2 ports - you can daisy chain up to six devices to a computer via a single cable (included in the box). For example - you could connect a total of 36 LaCie 8big Racks via the six Thunderbolt 2 ports on a single Mac Pro® - enabling more than 1.7PB (1728TB) and more than 3000MB/s – in a mere 36U. Compared with Fibre Channel solutions - the LaCie 8big Rack delivers outstanding scalability in half the space - a much simpler setup - and unprecedented performance.

LaCie RAID Manager software gives you a centralized - powerful way to configure and monitor all the LaCie 8big Racks that are connected to a single workstation. From one application - you can control the RAID mode - system monitoring - and email alerts. Select RAID 0▲ - 1 (two-disk configuration only) - 5 - 6 - 10 - or JBOD. RAID Manager even supports RAID migration - so you can move from RAID 5 on 4 disks to RAID 5 on 8 disks – without data loss. And system monitoring can alert you of problems or potential problems via desktop notifications or email - so you can address issues before they result in data loss.

For the ultimate in peace of mind and value - the LaCie 8big Rack features a five-year limited warranty. It includes comprehensive - complimentary web-based resources - expert in-house technical support - and worldwide repair and/or replacement coverage. You can even upgrade this service with warranty extensions - fast product replacement - and even data recovery services. Learn more at
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