iPad Pro 12.9-inch Smart Cover White


  • Thin - minimal - Polyurethane design
  • Wake on open. Sleep on close Magnetic connection
  • FaceTime and movie stand


Thin - minimal design.

The lightweight - durable Smart Cover protects your new iPad Pro screen without covering up its aluminum back. So your iPad still looks and feels like an iPad just with a little extra protection.

Thin - minimal design.

The Smart Cover is made of polyurethane and comes in either Charcoal Grey or White. It also features a soft - color-matched microfiber lining that helps keep your display clean.

Magnetic connection.

A hinge magnetically aligns the Smart Cover with iPad Pro for a perfect fit - while magnets inside help it stay put.

Wake on open. Sleep on close.

Open the Smart Cover - and iPad Air magically wakes up. Close it - and iPad Pro automatically goes to sleep.

FaceTime and movie stand.

The Smart Cover folds in just the right places to become the perfect FaceTime and movie-watching stand.