G-Hold Universal Tablet Holder - Velcro - Yellow


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  • Ergonomic handhold to reduce strain on hand & wrist
  • Adjustable for access to kickstand and for use on textured cases
  • Folds flat for storage & sleek design
  • Rotates 360 degrees to view at any angle
  • Universal compatibility for any device or case
  • VELCRO® Brand low-profile tech for durability
  • Made in the UK


The G-Hold Universal Tablet Holder (yellow) with VELCRO® brand base is a great solution for those looking for a G-Hold that works with all tablet devices and cases - including those with kickstands. The VELCRO® brand base allows you to reposition your G-Hold when required - such as when you would like to access a kickstand.
The VELCRO® brand material is thin yet highly durable and has been tested to hold up to 1.8kgs (4lbs).
This solution is perfect for you if you would like to reposition your G-Hold regularly and/or if you need to access a kickstand. It also offers you the comfort of knowing that it can be used on pretty much any type of case or device. If you do not need to reposition your G-Hold regularly - and you would rather use suction to apply the G-Hold to your device or case - we recommend our G-Hold with Micro Suction Base.
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