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Training and Mentoring

Training & Mentoring

Would you prefer to develop in house?

If you prefer to do ongoing development yourself KRCS offer both training and mentoring services for Filemaker. We’ll work side-by-side with you to get your Filemaker solution off the ground.

Filemaker Training

Let us take you through the basics of developing your own system from scratch, or making amendments to an existing Filemaker solution.
 Our training can accommodate up to six staff at the same time and work at any level. As part of your Continuous Professional Development program we can help your staff to get accredited as a 'Filemaker Certfied Developer', just like we did!

Filemaker Mentoring

This one-to-one mentoring is designed to guide your new-to-Filemaker developer through the first stages if working on your Filemaker systems. If you would prefer to learn on-the-job, rather than in a classroom training environment, then this is for you. You’ll get your solution developed, whilst seeing exactly how it is done, and getting up to speed fast. This can be done over multiple consecutive days, or single days spread over a longer period, to give you chance to consolidate the learning by working on your own between sessions. It’s your choice.

More information

For more information about training and mentoring get in touch on 0115 985 1797 or email

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