FileMaker Pro 14 Mac/Win

FileMaker Pro 14 Mac/Win

  • Tackle any task - Get built-in professionally designed Starter solutions and themes to help manage your tasks in minutes.
  • Build a database tailored for your unique needs. To get started - just drag and drop Microsoft Excel data into FileMaker Pro.
  • Get step-by-step reporting tools - including eye-catching charts - to help manage and automate tasks. Easily create and email reports in Excel or PDF.
  • Safely share with iPad - iPhone - Windows - and Mac users
  • Securely publish your databases to the web in a few clicks. Create surveys - registration sites - customer feedback forms - and more.


FileMaker Pro 14 is the fastest way to create amazing databases for you and your team.

Now you can quickly build solutions that are crisp - clean - and make you more productive than ever. Instantly change the look of your layout by applying one of 40 stunning new themes specifically designed for your iPad - iPhone and desktop. Each theme comes with pre-defined fonts - colors - and object styling. In just a few clicks your layout has a professional - new look. Easily customize a layout to meet your needs by adding gradients - images - and more.

Get new tools to help you more easily tailor your layouts. Use new rulers - grids - and guides to get the design precision you need. Objects are easier to select and re-size and now display interactive states such as hover - pressed - or in focus. Plus - click “Undo" multiple times - so you can experiment with your layouts as much as you'd like.

Converting your existing solutions is straightforward as well. Converted solutions maintain the original look and feel. Or you can apply a new theme if you choose.

All-new Starter Solutions to better meet your business needs

FileMaker Pro 13 comes with all-new Starter Solutions - re-built from the ground up to better showcase your data. You’ll have the best working solutions possible for managing projects - scheduling resources - creating estimates - and much more. The Starter Solutions also include layouts customized for iPad and iPhone.

Enhanced container fields now smarter than ever

Container fields in FileMaker Pro allow you to store any type of file in your database including photos - videos - music - documents - and more. In FileMaker Pro 12 - container fields have been re-engineered to improve database performance and make your solutions even easier to use. Drag and drop files into your database - render images faster - stream videos and music - and securely store and manage data externally.

Fast - streamlined charting

Creating FileMaker Charts is a snap with new Quick Charts. Simply sort and group your data. Then click to bring up an integrated set-up window with an Inspector-like tool palette that allows you to preview and customize your chart. Instantly see changes to your graph as you make them. Once complete - you can print your chart or save it as a new layout.

Get 5 new chart types including bubble - scatter - positive / negative - stacked bar - and stacked column charts. FileMaker Pro 12 now comes with a total of 10 charting styles so you’ll have even more flexibility to graphically display data the way you want to.

Ready to go for iOS

Easily create solutions customized for FileMaker Go for iPad and iPhone; free downloads from the iTunes App Store. FileMaker Pro 12 comes with a set of built-in iPad and iPhone themes that optimize fonts - colors - buttons - and other objects for your device. Plus - use new screen stencils to guide you in building tailored layouts for the iPad and iPhone.

Scripts and calculations have also been improved to help you more easily create iOS-ready solutions. FileMaker Pro 12 includes a location-based function to aid in tracking inventory - deliveries - and projects. Plus - instantly view scripts that are iOS-compatible – no more guesswork required.
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