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Our Solutions

Our Solutions

A Customer-First approach

Business systems

KRCS have created a customer-focussed framework using the Filemaker platform giving us a great starting point for all our bespoke solutions.

KRCS’s approach to a customised business solution is to start with your customers. We've developed a customer-centric starter solution that gives your business a great way to track your customers and understand your interactions, opportunities and the potential within each of them. By starting with a framework in place, we reduce the development time and cost for you.

We customise our solution to fit your business

Regardless of how you work, we’ll develop brand new modules to add to our starter system that work exactly how you do. Unlike off-the-shelf systems your KRCS solution will have no compromises.

Replace paper-based or desk-bound systems

You could replace paper-based or desk-bound systems with solutions based on iPad, specifically created with your business logic in mind. iPads are perfectly suited for mobile data. Your users will be able to view and enter data accurately, however complex your requirement. New data will be efficiently synced to your existing backend systems, or we can create a whole new backend systems if you’re ready for a bigger change. Eliminate time wasted transferring data from paper to critical systems, and ensure excellent data accuracy and integrity.

Can I allow my customers to interact with me 24/7?

You could further increase efficiency by allowing clients to find out what they need to know at their convenience, without needing to get you on the phone. Allow access from any web browser to customised enquiry forms for order chasing, appointment booking, or any service you offer to your customers, but now you can offer it 24/7! Your customised solution will work on desktop, laptop, tablet and phone, and can be accessible over Wifi, VPN, cellular or ethernet. Your customers will have 24/7 connectivity to the information they need from you.

What kind of systems can we create?

Here are some examples of the type of system we can develop, all based on on our customer-centric starting point, and all built just for you.

  • Stock Management and Ordering Systems
  • Creative Job Bag management
  • Field Engineer Job Tracking and Recording
  • Retail Point of Sale Systems
  • Fleet Vehicle Management
  • Sales Quoting and Pro-Forma creation
  • Invoicing and Credit Control Systems
  • Product Catalogues
  • Exhibition Management Systems
  • Student Administration systems
  • Staff Training and other HR Systems
  • Managing document approval processes

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