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How we work with you

How we work with you

The primary aim for your business

Our primary aim for your business is to identify tasks and processes that are currently performed inefficiently, and to streamline them. In research from the US, it was identified that managers spent an average of 4 hours per week searching for badly filed or lost paperwork. That’s one month per year.

What to expect

By using the Filemaker 15 platform, KRCS can create affordable, yet completely customised applications for your business. It can be accessed using dedicated Filemaker applications on iPad, Mac and PC, or via any modern web browser on iOS, Mac OS X and Windows. Your data, available wherever and whenever you need it.

We’re sure that once you see how Filemaker can transform your business you’ll identify other ways it could be used. We’ll keep talking and working together for as long as you wish.

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Your welcome email will contain a link to claim this free service. If you request it, we'll give you a call to understand your business requirements, and then create a prototype of a system so you can see what is possible in Filemaker with KRCS. If you don’t need that right now, then please sign up anyway, and we’ll keep you updated with Filemaker info, ideas and offers.