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The Factory Kitchen

The Factory Kitchen

Turning the tables on counter chaos.

A trendy restaurant born out of a derelict factory is thriving thanks to the vision and toil of a Derbyshire Couple and some much valued advice and support from KRCS.


When Jane and Kev Pierrepont left the family business to build their own retirement dream, they set about turning a derelict factory into a restaurant where they could share their love of good, locally-sourced food. They needed a flexible POS system that would enable them to take orders, not only from the counter, but from the tables too. They turned to Apple Premium Reseller, KRCS, for help.


KRCS listened closely to Jane and Kev's business challenges in order to fully understand their requirements and then helped them select the very best products and software to not only meet their practical needs, but to also provide the perfect look to complement the trendy retro-style interior of the restaurant.


The built-in software recommended and installed by KRCS gives Jane, Kev and their team the flexibility they need to deliver a first-class dining experience. While the discreet and stylish Apple products blend perfectly with The Kitchen Factory's chic interior and customers are impressed with the modern Point of Sale system.

"What really struck us was how friendly and helpful KRCS were. Steven, our point of contact at KRCS, actually listened to what we felt we needed and offered us the very best advice in order for us to achieve it. He's always been there for us when we've needed him and we have found him totally reliable. That has been very important to us during our first year of trading."
Jane Pierrepont, co-founder, The Factory Kitchen

Derbyshire couple, Jane and Kev Pierrepont left a family business, Pollard Engineering, to pursue their dream of opening a café/restaurant where they could share their love of good, locally-sourced food.

With determination, vision and hard work, they have completely transformed a derelict factory into a trendy, retro-style eatery which is light, airy and extremely welcoming.

The Factory Kitchen and KRCS

KRCS business development manager, Steven Pickersgill, met with Jane and Kev to discuss their Point of Sale system requirements. They had researched POS systems online but didn't really have any previous experience or knowledge so they were grateful for Steven's advice.

The couple weren't planning on doing table service immediately but knew this might be necessary in the future, so ideally wanted a POS system that could cope with orders at the front desk but be flexible enough to take orders from the table. As devout users of Apple products Jane and Kev were interested to see what was also available in a commercial environment. KRCS has been an Apple Premium Reseller for over 30 years and is well known for delivering a tailored and highly-relevant solution. After listening closely to their requirements, Steven demonstrated the LightSpeed Restaurant system to them on iPad and they were really impressed with what it could do.

The KRCS solution

KRCS delivered an iPad till solution with the functionality to be mobile for table orders. It also included integrated card payments, which are best practice in business today, and give customers the option to choose how to pay including contactless and Apple Pay. Kitchen printing was also a vital requirement for the business, as well as ambient background music for customers to enjoy. To ensure the strongest connection for the solution and reduce possible down-time, KRCS also provided an off-line server on site.

"The fact KRCS is a local business and could offer great service, on-site training and support and reliable equipment and software was really important to us." says Jane. "Plus, Apple products are a great fit for the business. Not only due to the freedom of mobility for table service, but also in line with the sleek, modern and contemporary space we have created inside the restaurant.”

The Factory Kitchen's doors opened in August 2017 and the business has been growing at an impressive rate. Breakfast and lunch were very popular and Jane and Kev were managing quite nicely without having to offer table service. They weren't planning to open in the evenings but demand was such that they finally gave in to it.

The first evening the restaurant opened was a real eye-opener. With forty five diners queuing at the counter to order their food and drinks, it was very soon apparent table orders had to be the way forward. The change came the following evening and taking orders at the table was much more manageable so they have continued to offer this service in the evenings only with the help of iPad and Lightspeed Restaurant.

Flexible table ordering

Orders are taken on an iPad at the table and the information goes instantly to the two printers - one is installed in the kitchen for food orders and one is situated behind the counter for drinks orders. On a busy evening Jane and Kev have found that, one of the best features is being able to take an order and just move on to the next table without having to take a ticket back to the kitchen. When it comes to payments, the system is also capable of splitting the bill automatically if diners are paying separately, which is great for the staff and definitely impresses the customers.

LightSpeed allows you to create your own modifiers for orders. For example, if a customer orders a coffee, they can choose additional options such as 'with milk' or 'no milk' or even a 'splash of Baileys', if the restaurant chooses to offer it. Every feasible change to a menu item can be inputted onto the system, to make ordering extremely simple.

Ease of use

The system is very easy to use and Jane is happy to report that all team members, from the youngest to the oldest, have picked it up straightaway and have been really impressed with its functionality.

Additional functions

Away from the counter and tables, Jane and Kev have been impressed with LightSpeed Restaurant's additional functions. Reporting is really simple - staff hours can be sent directly to the accountant for wage purposes; daily, weekly or monthly sales reports can quickly be pulled up and cost figures for every item can be input so it's easy to see where profit is being made. The system is also capable of forecasting so the business can assess what might happen if, for example, changes are made to the menu. All this has been transformational in the way the couple are able to look at the business and how they can build it in the future.

"iPad and LightSpeed Restaurant give our customers a first-class and seamless dining experience." says Jane. "We really wouldn't be without the solution, or the invaluable support of KRCS as we continue to grow our business."