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KRCS Group Limited COVID-19 Risk Assessment & Action Plan

KRCS online, in-store and service.

An update from our directors

Thanks to all of our customers for their support over the last few months, and to everybody for enduring what has been a very challenging time for the UK.

Our three Apple Premium Retail stores are due to open back up to the public on Monday 12th April, with expected social distancing measures in force. If you need to get in touch with one of the stores, please email, or and we will aim to respond within one working day.

Great deals are always available from our online store, and 'Click and collect' services will be available via our high street stores from Monday when they reopen.

Repair services for your Apple product are also available again from all KRCS locations with pre-booked service appointments. To check availability and book your appointment go

Please try and stay local wherever possible.

KRCS continue to support all efforts to contain the spread of coronavirus, and monitor all risk associated with the work practices and procedures of our four premises on an ongoing basis. KRCS Group Limited (KRCS, the Company), make specific reference to the following areas:

In identifying the risks associated with COVID-19, KRCS attempts to do everything reasonably practicable to minimise these risks whilst recognising they cannot be completely eliminated.

As referenced earlier, the Company operates from four locations:-

  • Queens Court, Lenton Lane, Nottingham (Head Office)
  • INTU Victoria Shopping Centre, Nottingham (Retail Store)
  • INTU Shopping Centre, Derby (Retail Store)
  • Princes Quay Shopping Centre, Hull (Retail Store)

There are a number of common risks associated with all of these locations and, by their very nature, increased risks associated with the three retail stores.

Common Risks to all Locations (identified as, but not limited to).

  • Number of people, staff and customers, in a specific space.
  • Face to face desk locations.
  • Multiple person use of desks, telephones and/or computer equipment.
  • Unnecessary contact between staff members.
  • Hand washing and surface cleaning.
  • Face to face contact with customers.
  • Handling of customer devices for repair or replacement.
  • Handling cash, credit cards and credit card terminals.

It is acknowledged that KRCS cannot manage customers within shopping centres or other public spaces, and can only manage customers within our premises.

Working from Home.

Each role within the company has been examined to establish whether or not it could be successfully undertaken from the staff members home. Those able to work from home have been asked to do so.

Social Distancing.

KRCS requires that all staff and customers observe the government guidelines on social distancing.

Personal Protective Equipment and Cleaning and Sanitising Equipment.

The Company is not insisting on the use of personal protective equipment. This is in accordance with government guidelines. The Company is, however, providing all members of staff, wherever they are based, with the opportunity to request face masks and disposable nitrile gloves.

Action Plan.

If any staff member displays any of the known symptoms of COVID-19, they should inform their line manager and leave the building immediately and then observe the isolation protocol advised by the government.

Similarly, if any staff member displays these symptoms whilst at home then they must not report for work.

Repair Facility, Head Office and Retail Stores.

Please see for further information relating to repairs, and how workflows are affected by new, safer working practices.

Retail Stores.

As mentioned earlier, the company operates three retail stores; the Nottingham Victoria Centre owned and managed by INTU; the INTU Centre Derby; Princes Quay in Kingston upon Hull managed by Savills.

The respective retail sizes are:-

  • Nottingham - 80 square metres
  • Derby - 110 square metres
  • Hull - 117 square metres

As general good practice to protect all KRCS staff, in the best way possible, and clearly therefore by association all KRCS customers and suppliers, all retail staff must follow the guidelines in the general section at the beginning of this document, specifically:-

  • Keep your distance
  • No physical contact
  • Regular hand washing using soap and water
  • Regular cleaning and sanitising of all equipment
  • End of day cleaning of all demonstration and system units
  • End of day cleaning of all telephone and credit card terminals

The total number of people permitted entry into a KRCS store, in total, including staff, will be based on one person per ten square metres plus one for the repair facility. This provides for the following:-

  • Nottingham - 9 people
  • Derby - 12 people
  • Hull - 12 people

This is a maximum in ideal circumstances and may be reduced depending on where any visitors to the store want to dwell.

Each store will be marked out into safe zones and it is paramount that only one customer is allowed into each zone. Obviously, where members of the same household are in the store then they can occupy the same zone.

Customers with disabilities or protected characteristics.

All KRCS staff must be sensitive to the special needs of some members of the public. This does not imply priority access but is does both imply and specify that consideration should be given.

Updated on 06/04/2021