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The child's eyes, ears and voice in the classroom

There’s a child in your class that's been diagnosed with a long-term illness. You know they’re not coming in today, tomorrow or next week. So how do you keep them connected to school life?

AV1, from No Isolation, is an in-school robot that can bridge the gap.

A robot?

When a pupil can’t attend class in person, AV1 takes their place. AV1 is a table-top, moveable, distance learning avatar. It allows pupils to feel like they're part of everyday school life, from being in the classroom, to going to lunch with their friends and hanging out in the playground.

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AV1 expressions

How does it work?

AV1 sits in the classroom, dinner hall or playground and stays in school, while the child at home logs in through the secure AV1 app (all data is encrypted both ways). The pupil controls the robot's movements via the app on iPad and speaks through the microphone on the device.

How will I know if the student is listening or wants to speak?

They can signal when they are feeling a little under the weather, or when they want to answer a question by a simple tap of a button in the app. AV1 will light up blue if the child wants to be a passive listener or white if they want to answer or ask a question. The robot can also be put in whisper mode so only the child sat next to them can hear them.

You can also set up a buddy system where nominated children can look after AV1 (and their classmate) throughout the day.

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AV1 app

As a teacher, what do I need to do?

An adult will need to administer AV1 and there is an Assistant App available that can help you do just that. The app can easily check the robot’s status, manage Wi-Fi networks, access troubleshooting, look up resources and chat with customer support.

AV1 has an all-day battery life, so the only other thing you'll need to do is plug it in at the end of every day!

Find out more

We've already had a chance to try out AV1 and show it off at education events. If you'd like to see AV1 in action, give us a call or email and we'll arrange a suitable time to come and see you. If you want to read a bit more about the in-school robot, head over to our blog here.