Apple HomePod White

Apple HomePod White


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  • Apple HomePod is here. Check out our first impressions on our blog.
  • Breakthrough speaker with amazing sound
  • Spatial awareness that senses its location to tune and optimise the sound
  • Built to bring out the best in Apple Music
  • Learns what you like based on what you play
  • Intelligent assistant helps with everyday tasks
  • Controls your compatible smart home accessories via HomeKit


HomePod. The new sound of home.

The new Apple HomePod in classic white - is a breakthrough speaker that senses its location and tunes the music to sound amazing - wherever you are in the room. Together with Apple Music - it gives you access to over 45 million songs. With the intelligence of Siri - the HomePod is a helpful home assistant for everyday tasks - and for controlling your smart home accessories — all with just your voice.

Welcome HomePod.
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