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KRCS and FileMaker

Filemaker Solutions Experts

We're ready to understand your business

What makes us experts?

KRCS are one of the longest established Apple specialist resellers in the UK, and long standing developers of Filemaker solutions. Our development team have passed the Filemaker Certified Developer exam, giving you the confidence in our skills.

Expert in the areas of CRM, stock control, field engineering, job sheets systems and retail POS systems, KRCS have developed Filemaker solutions for a wide range of business needs.

Our entire business, with an annual turnover of £17 million and growing, is conducted entirely through Filemaker systems developed in-house, by us. Filemaker solves almost every process and data driven challenge in our business. We’d love to get to know you, and understand how we can solve some of your problems too.

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Solving real business issues

We always say that ‘Filemaker can do anything’. Whilst that may be a big claim, we struggle to think of any business process that we couldn’t streamline with a Filemaker bespoke solution.